Setting Up a Grow Tent for Cannabis Growing

Setting Up a Grow Tent for Cannabis Growing


Grow tents are designed to offer an aspect of simplicity to indoor cannabis growing. Grow tents are convenient only for small-scale marijuana cultivation and are not ideal for huge operations. To be precise, if you want about 1-5 ounces/month, having a grow tent may work to your advantage aside from being the best way to go.

Advantages of Using a Grow Tent for Indoor Cannabis Growing

Outlined below are some of the pros of indoor marijuana cultivation using a grow tent.

  • Relatively Cheap – an average grow tent is relatively cheap, ranging between $70-150.
  • Quick & Easy to Set Up – when it comes to assembling your grow tent and getting ready to start cannabis growing, you will require only an afternoon to set up your grow tent and you don’t need to be a professional.
  • Stealth – as mentioned earlier, a grow tent has the ability to pass off like a portable wardrobe. It prevents light and odors from escaping, but only when you have set it up properly. You can tuck it at the corner or even inside a big closet for limited attention.
  • Perpetual Harvest – grow tents are ideal if you want to practice perpetual harvesting, where you have two separate chambers for vegetative and flowering phases of the cannabis.

Grow Tents Create the Perfect Environment

When installed correctly and used appropriately, a grow tent enables you to recreate perfect conditions similar to nature that is ideal for marijuana growth and flowering. Grow tents only hard aspect is setting them up, but once you have it ready, proceed to plant the seed, water it and take the journey until it flowers and produces a bud you can harvest. Features of a grow tent in indoor cannabis growing include:

  • Maximized Grow Lights – With a grow tent, you don’t have to worry about lighting as it is fitted with reflective walls that ensure light is equally reflected and every plant receives an adequate amount of light. A feat that cannot be achieved when you undertake the lighting process personally.
  • Designed for Common Indoor Gardening Equipment – A grow tent can easily be fitted with all the essentials for indoor gardening, i.e., fans for air filtration and purification, grow lights for vegetative and flowering, find ports and vents to control the moisture and temperature. These are crucial necessities in an indoor garden which are provided in one fell swoop.
  • Light Proof – it is without a doubt that cannabis needs some darkness to make many buds as possible and a grow tent is specifically constructed to prevent leakage of light both from within and without. Moreover, it also limits the attention drawn to it by hiding away the bright grow lights.
  • Waterproof & Relatively Easy to Clean – A grow tent floor is essentially waterproof. It has the ability to contain regular spills from watering your plants therefore, you need not worry about water leaks on your floor and causing water damage. Moreover, you can easily wipe the walls and floor of the grow tent without much hassle to keep it clean.
  • Designed for Airflow – Air flow is critical in any indoor gardening to maintain relative humidity and control the temperature. The grow tent is sealed and fitted with vents and fans to pull fresh air in replenishing the depleted CO2 and reducing heat buildup cooling the plants. Moreover, good airflow allows for humidity control.
  • Smell-Proof – Grow tents come fitted with a carbon filter and together with the negative air pressure within the sealed space, and exhaust fans, any odor is prevented from leaking into the home making it inconspicuous.

A simple grow tent just needs to be fitted with a grow light and an exhaust fan. With these, you’ve already created the ideal environment for indoor cannabis growing.

Which Grow Tent Size is Ideal?

There are over a hundred grow tent models to select from that come in varying sizes and capacities. It may be confusing at first, not knowing which grow tent size is for you. However, the things you have to keep in mind are: how much weed you need and the space for housing the grow tent.

For a hobbyist cannabis grower, a 2’x4′ and 4’x4′ grow tents are ideal sizes. These sizes are also fitted with the most common grow lights ensuring optimal yield. The 2’x4’ grow tent size is often recommended for novel gardeners as it has enough space and good yield; several ounces a month. Moreover, all the plants in the back row get adequate light and you can access them with ease. With this grow tent, you can also upgrade your grow lights if those that come with it aren’t to your liking or taste.

A 4’x4’ is ideal for larger yields and more experienced growers. It also has the potential to support some of the largest grow lights out there, even a 600-1000W grow light so long as it’s 6-7′ tall. A grow tent of this magnitude is big enough for monster yields per month that the previous size, arguably by a pound or more, but it’s still relatively small enough to be managed by one person.

Height also helps – At least 5 Feet, but 7 Feet is better

Short spaces are difficult to grow cannabis in since you’ll constantly be worried about your plants reaching the grow lights. Your grow tent should be at least 5 feet in height, to which it can support up to a 400W grow light, albeit more headroom makes it a little easier. For instance, having a height of 7 feet tall, you’ll not be limited by the height of your growing space and moreover, you’ll install more heavy duty grow lights. Not forgetting, a little extra height makes plants grow strong and also increases the yield as the plant is not limited by space.

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