Are YOU a commercial grower?

The EZ-CLONE Commercial Pro System features the newest innovation in precision aeroponic propagation designed for full-time, year-round production of cuttings.

- Cloning Sites – 459 Total Cuttings
- Total Power Consumption – 5.1 Amps / 612 Watts
- Physical Dimensions – L 50”x D 30”x H 78” Powder Coated Steel
- Frame (designed to roll through any standard size door).
- System utilizes less than 10 Square Feet of space.
- Heavy duty Roller Castors for easy mobility. Each shelf is built with it’s own Sliding - Drawer that opens for simple access to cuttings.
- Single Watertight Electrical Box houses all components in one location.
- Uses only 1 Standard 120V Electrical Cord.
- Custom 19 Gallon Reservoir with Moulded Handles. Includes drains on the long and short side of reservoir.
- 30 Micron Water Filter, easily changed by hand.
- Outboard Water Pump has individual Motor and Pump Head.
- Motor uses 4.2 Amps / 500 Watts. Comes set from factory at 75 PSI.
- High Pressure Tubing is routed snuggly and safely inside the Frame Rails. All fittings are leakproof Quick Disconnects.
- Custom Fogger Heads from Senninger are secured to the bottom of each Catch Tray, producing a 65 Micron Droplet at 75 PSI. Foggers are simple to disassemble for inspection and cleaning needs.
- System is fully fitted with Light Reflectors, each containing two T5 Bulbs, individually producing 21 Watts & 6500 Kelvin.
- Each light has its own On/Off Switch.
- Frame houses two Timers, one for the Water Pump, to customize your Aeroponic On/Off Cycle, and the other to control your Lighting Cycle (Pump timer is set from factory at 1 min on / 4 min off).
- Total system power consumption for a 1 min on / 4 min off cycle time
(4.8 hours per day @ 5.1 amp – 612 watts) based on a .20c per
Kw/Hr rate, the daily use costs estimate is $1/day.
-- System omits 2,088 BTU/HR based on factory settings & recommended use. 369 BTU/HR omitted using only lights.

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