About Us


GrowLife sells the best of everything you need to grow your gardens. Featured are the products from the most reliable companies, backed by the best warranties, for sale at the best prices. The work has been done for you when it comes to product selection. On ShopGrowLife.com you will find all the tools for cutting,  propagation, and complete indoor lighting systems,  growing mediums, soils, hydroponics systems, growing accessories, bulbs, ballasts, reflectors, meters and timers and climate control equipment are all here at GrowLife.

GrowLife adds new products each month and we are always open to your suggestions. We want you to be able to get everything you need, every time you shop.

GrowLife carries the highest quality nutrient lines available.  We also sell all our customer’s favorites, including GH, Cutting Edge, Foxfarm, Humboldt Nutrients, Botanicare, Emerald Garden and all General Organics products.

1. Excellent customer service

The phones are answered five days a week (emails seven days a week) to take care of whatever comes up for you, if it is a simple product question or a complex order.

2. Safe Shopping

GrowLife has gone beyond the standards to protect your identity and credit card information. Your information is protected by the top security providers. These include Mcafee, Verisign, Truste, Stripe.com, and independent security consultants.

3. Ease Of Use

ShopGrowLife.com was designed to be easy to use. Everything (nearly) you need to shop with us is where you would expect it to be and functions as you would imagine.

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